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The Saga of the Emersion TV

This bad service involves one 7 month old broken television and 3 useless companies.

I bought a 35” Emerson HD LCD television 7 months ago from Wal-mart. I paid nearly $700 for the tv plus Wal-marts extended warranty (which cost me $58).

September 2nd my television broke. It will turn on and the words “Digital Television” will flash on the screen and the television will shut its self off again. I found my receipt and warranty info and wound up on the warranty’s company’s site.

The extended warranty company’s site told me that my Emerson warranty expired after 5 months of owning the tv and I can file a claim with the extended warranty company. I tried to do it online since I hate having to talk on the phone, but the site didn’t let me. So around midnight I called the company up.

The woman on the phone was very nice and told me I could file a claim with them. I told her the problem and she gave me the address and phone number for T.V Service Company in Hazleton Pa. I was told I could bring my television to them and they will fix it.

That morning around 9:45 am we called the company to get directions and to make sure they were open. We got an answering machine and they called us around 10:15. They told us we had to wait for the extended warranty company to give them a work order and they will call us back.

My mother and I had to go out for the afternoon and my father told me around 2:30 a man named Gary called to set up an appointment. He sounded like a very nice, reliable guy. He told my dad he could get to our house sometime Friday night because he was in a town 3 hours away picking up a part for a television. He said that the part shipped late and he promised his customers that he would have their television repaired by Saturday so that meant he had to pick up the part himself. My dad told him that Friday was kind of bad for us and the guy said he would come Saturday morning. He knew exactly where we live.

On Saturday he called around 10:45 and was at the house before 11. He was very nice and was complaining about the extended warranty company and how they always send work orders out two weeks after people call in so he winds up with pissed off customers. He was surprised when I told him that I called them around midnight Thursday. He was also sitting there complaining about how grumpy some people can be and it’s not his fault and all this stuff. I have a feeling he was just giving me a load of bull.

After looking at my television Gary tells me he doesn’t have the part to repair the television. The part that went on my television never goes and he has to order it. He told me that if the parts place was open on Saturday he would have my part by Tuesday. He would have it for sure by Wednesday. He left.

About an hour and a half after he leaves someone from TV Service Company calls and asks to speak to John. I thought that was kind of odd. All the paperwork for the television is in my name. The only way they could of gotten his name is from Caller ID. I didn’t know it was them and passed the phone to my father. The man asks my dad all these questions about the television and tells us we can bring it in to get fixed.

My dad tells them that Gary already looked that the tv and he left. My dad got the impression that they had no idea who Gary was. All the man said was “Oh.” and he hung up.

Fast forward to Wednesday the 10th. No call from Gary. I give him the benefit of the doubt and I wasn’t concerned that he didn’t call. Stuff happens. Maybe he’s busy. Still no call by Saturday the 20th.

Monday my mother calls the extended warranty company to confirm that they sent the work order to TV Service Company. They say that they did send them out. We just wanted to make sure since the guy that contacted us had no idea that Gary was sent to the house.

I called Tv Service Company around 10 am and got an answering machine. They called me back around 2 pm. I tell them I want to know what is going on with the part for my television. The guy on the phone wants to know who looked at my tv. I tell him it was Gary and I am given Gary’s cell phone number and told to call him.

My mother and I called his phone and it rings. No one picks up and he apparently has no voice mail. My mother and I call from 2:30 pm until 9 pm that night. No one answered and no one returned our call.

This morning my mother called the extended warranty company. At this point I was getting upset and it was best for my mother to handle things. I probably would of burst out sobbing on the telephone.

The woman from the extended warranty place tells me she has no idea why her company even filed a claim because I am still under Emerson's warranty. She calls TV Service Company and doesn’t get anyone. She says the answering machine picks up, but she is unable to leave a message. We also give her Gary’s phone number and she gets no one and no voice mail. And like I said before, their website told me that my warranty had expired. The woman suggests we call Wal-Mart. We call our local Wal-Mart and the people at the electronics department say they can’t do anything to help because we bought the television more than 90 days ago. They give us the phone number and the name for a man from Emerson.

My mother calls Emerson and they say that we are still under warranty with them and they are willing to get a repair guy out to fix my television. If we pay for the repair man and the part. My mother refuses to saying the extended warranty place will do it for free. The man says that someone will call us back later.

We got a phone call a few hours later from someone at Emerson asking for TV Service Company’s phone number and Gary’s cell phone number. He says he will call back an hour later. He does call as he said he would and tells me no one is answering the phone numbers we gave him (no, duh…) and he tells me to call the extended warranty place and tell them that we want a different company to repair our television. Emerson can do nothing to help us.

My mother calls the extended warranty place and we are told that they will look into why Tv Service company hasn’t contacted us. She also tells us that now our only option is to send our television off to some company. She says they never have problems with this company and they will mail us a box and all the info we need in 3 to 5 days. We ask if there is anything we can do besides send off the television and we are told no.

So now I have to wait to send my huge tv off in the mail and who knows when I will see it again.

I am fed up with all the companies involved. Monday and today was pure hell for me having to deal with all of this. My TV should be fixed by now. I now have to pack up my tv and somehow get it to a post office to mail out. And hope that it will get to where it’s supposed to go in once piece. I don’t expect to have a working television for a few more months.

What is up with Emerson making me pay for everything if I am still under warranty with them? What exactly does this warranty do for me?

I am also hoping that Gary or his company calls us back sometime soon and I hope that they get my parents on the phone. We are all furious with them. They obviously have no idea how to run a company. You can just tell there is no communication between the workers. All Gary would have had to do was call us back even just to say he’s busy or a delay with getting the part in. A phone call was all we wanted.

I will also be sending off a letter to all the companies involved to tell them how unhappy I am with their products/services. The extended warranty company would tell us we aren’t under Emerson's warranty, then we were, and then we weren’t.

My family and also refuse to shop at Wal-mart for any major things just so we don’t have to deal with this warranty company and we sure as hell aren’t going to be buying Emerson products anytime soon. It has been exactly 7 months since I bought the television and it broke and now I’m expected to pay for them to fix what obviously is a problem with their product. I can’t even afford to pay them to fix the television.

And to be honest; at this point I don’t want the television anymore. It’s sitting in our living room taking up space. If it wasn’t so expensive I would of just said screw it and gotten rid of the thing.

tl;dr: Television breaks and warranty company sends us to crappy repair company. Tv gets looked at and no one calls back. No one can get in touch with them. We are then given the run around and are made to call Wal-mart and Emerson only to be sent back to the warranty company. Emerson tries to charge me to fix their busted tv even though it's under warranty.
Tv now has to be sent in the mail to another company. Who knows when it will get fixed.

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