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Comic book store bad service

Today I gave my little brother a ride to a comic book store he frequents.  I had never been before today, and the store was impressive, but the service sucked majorly.

My little brother plays the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game.  He invests a lot of money into it, but I construct his landscapes for him.  It's actually really fun, and I know my brother would glue his hands together or inhale too much paint if he tried to do it himself, so I'm actually looking our for his safety xDD

Anyhoo, we got to the store so I could help him pick out some miniature paint.  The store has everything you could dream of comic book wise, and they have strategy battle games, collectibles, trading cards, and some really cool Marvel and DC merchandise.  I had found a really pretty Evenstar belly button ring, so of course it was to be mine.

My brother and I went up to the register to pay for our things.  While the guy there was checking out my brother's things, I started chatting with my bro about what I was going to try and do with the ruined tower I'm making for him, then the guy behind the counter says, "You're not really going to let her touch your landscape, are you?"

I thought he was joking, so I laughed a little and so did my brother, and I said, "Actually, he is.  I build his landscapes."  The guy gets this disgusted look on his face, turned to my brother and sais "Girls don't know anything about battle games!  You shouldn't be letting her touch this stuff at all.  All they do is ruin it."  I was so peeved at this, but I didn't want to start anything, so I just leered at him until my brother was finished.  When my turn came up, I handed the guy the belly button ring and cheerfully said, "Actually I don't think I want this anymore.  Have a blessed day! :D" and walked out.  I still can't believe that guy had the nerve to say that.  No Evenstar belly button ring is worth being insulted.

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