Akimova (akimova) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Gym Service Experience

I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and enjoy going to a local women's-only gym.  It's cheap, it isn't over crowded and it's right in between my home and work.  Perfect!  That is, with the exception of when I decided as usual to go to the gym after work today.  I walked in the building to find a woman standing in the stair case surrounded by a few others and heard a few apologies.  Confused, I asked what was going on and was told that this location had shut down on Saturday because it wasn't making any money. 

"Did they give any notice?"
A: "No."
"What about my membership?"
A: The club has canceled everyone's memberships.  You can go across the city to another location if you want.
"Will I be receiving a notice in the mail outlining that my membership is canceled and monthly withdrawals are deactivated?"
A: No
"Hmm.. No I'd like something in writing please."
A: *huffs* "Call this number" (hands me a card with a long-distance number written on it)
"So that's it?  I just... don't have anywhere to work out now?"
A: You can go across the city to this other location if you want.
"Why weren't members notified?"
A: We're just.. closed.  That's all.

As I was leaving, 3 other women went in to be told the same story and I've already seen a post about this in a Toronto area LJ community for people trying to find a new women's gym. 

Bad Service is having your gym just up and close and not giving your members any warning or written notice whatsoever.

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