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My room mate and I went to Walmart last night to grab a couple things... we're re-modeling our kitchen and needed screws and those medical mask things. She also got a pair of jeans and some sheets and a couple other things, whatever.

I was paying for the kitchen table we picked out, she was buying everything else in the basket.

The cashier was a woman in her late thirties to early forties, while my room mate and I are both twenty.

When we picked out the table, we told the guy working back there and he cut the bar code off the box the table was in and told us we could just give the cashier the bar code and then have him paged to bring the box up front.

As the cashier was ringing things up, my room mate showed her the barcode and started explaining that we needed the guy paged up front and this would be on a separate transaction from the rest of the items. The cashier snatched the barcode from my room mate and rang it in with the rest of the stuff. My room mate, being very anti-conflict when it comes to things like that, just turned to me with a mixture of disbelief and sad ness. Because she was JUST explaining the table was on a DIFFERENT order.

I walked around the cart and told the cashier that the table was to be rung up by itself.

The cashier immediately started snapping at us. "I can't read MINDS. You have to TELL ME STUFF LIKE THIS." and so on. Well, uh, my room mate was.

So, being in a kind of crappy mood, I rolled my eyes back at her like she was doing to me and said in a tone that was probably not that nice, "Well I"m telling you now so it's alright."

The cashier glared at me before turning to two coworkers who were standing near by, screaming over to them. "YA'LL NEED TO COME OVER HERE I CAN'T DO THIS. YA'LL NEED TO HOLD ME BACK, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS, THIS IS... blah blah blah"

I just stared at her. Hold you back? From what? Jumping the counter at me? You are a GROWN ASS WOMAN and you are threatening bodily harm on me? Seriously?

There was also a pack of nails on the conveyor belt and I pointed this out to her asking her to ring it in with the first order.

It was at that point that she threw her hands up, repeated that she needed to be "held back", and told her co-workers that she "can't stand customers like [us]" ... while we're standing directly in front of her?

They also complained loudly that the guy they had to page up was taking a long time. Which I also think is slightly inappropriate to complain loudly about the people you work with, when he really didn't take that long considering the furniture is in the WAY back of the store and he had to get the heavy box on a dolly by himself and push it up to us.

Really, usually, when people serving me are being jerks, I'm at least reasonably nice about it. This time, I know I acted extremely irritated, but I don't think my behavior was unjust. I really think she was over-reacting... it can't be that hard to take an item off an order. And even if it's one of the hardest things to do on a register, there is definitely no need to scream to your co-workers that you need to be "held back".

Is it even worth complaining to walmart about? I got her name and was really obvious about it, which made her glare and slam things around and shriek to her two co-workers even more.
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