Scott Fowler (ghostsrmylife) wrote in bad_service,
Scott Fowler

Redskins Stadium Staff Suck

A little background, I suppose. My mom has had season tickets for the Redskins for years now. We've gone to many games over the years and our biggest complaint is that parking sucks. The parking sucks mainly, I believe, because tailgaters don't follow the rules, become drunken assholes long before the game even starts and keep people from parking in available spaces. This weekend, my mom and I went to see the Redskins' game but ended up leaving without ever parking.

I am writing to express my frustration at the lack of enforcement of the tailgating rules as posted at and on the Parking Pass of ticket holders. The Parking Pass given to season ticket holders clearly states: "This parking pass is valid for one vehicle only. Not tailgate space." Your own tailgate rules state: "When parking, park your car in one space only, between the lines." and "Please tailgate in front of or behind your vehicle only." and "Parking permits are to be used for cars only, not for additional tailgating space or storage." and "Be considerate of other Guests’ vehicles."

None of these rules were enforced at this past Sunday's game against New Orleans.

My mother has had season tickets for over a decade now and at every game we've gone to we've run into this same problem. This past game we arrived at 11:30am expecting there would be open parking spaces. There certainly were "free" parking spaces but they were all taken up by tailgaters with their tents, tables, chairs, and grills. These people ignored your rules and would not let anyone park in these obviously available spaces.

Once we spent an hour circling the parking lot, we stopped one of your event personnel and informed them that tailgaters were blocking access to parking spaces. His response was that there were supervisors having people move but we were never witness to anyone instructing these people to move. He told us to "trust and believe" that they would move on their own.

Just as kick off was occurring, we were still looking for a place to park so we could see this game. We were unsuccessful and even had some rude run-ins with those blocking traffic. Finally, we simply decided that it wasn't worth watching the Redskins if we had to fight with drunks and inept event staff. We turned around (which in itself was an ordeal. Apparently, like a roach motel, you can get into FedEx Field you just can't get out) and headed home.

I would suggest that the Redskins organization invest in personnel to police the parking lots and make sure that tailgaters are celebrating in one space only. Parking has been a huge issue with FedEx Field since its inception and your organization's solution appears to be to have one car be allowed to take up four or five spaces in the name of tailgating. Perhaps you can designate a tailgating area where those who intend to take up so much room are free to do so allowing those who want to see the football game to be able to park.

Please be aware that this is not the only incident that this has happened to us. It is only the most recent. We are seriously considering letting our season tickets go for good. If you wish to keep a loyal fan, then I would think you would need to address this situation immediately 
Now, admittedly, not all of this is really bad service. Certainly, I can't expect the Redskins staff to be able to stop the ignorant and rude comments from the drunken. But I believe they can limit issues like this if they just enforced the rules they currently have in place.
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