Brina (darling_sabrina) wrote in bad_service,

Mild Suck

I had to take a drug test today. Not a huge deal. I've had to do it before for pre-employment. I still feel it's a major invasion of privacy but that's a different comm and a different set of wank.

I get to the place and it's this crappy building on a bad part of town. I didn't notice when I walked in the door that it was also a law office. There is the typical "doctor's reception window" with the thick sliding panes of glass and a receptionist sitting behind it. She gets up and goes into the back on her cell phone as soon as she sees me. There is a sign that says ring the bell twice. There were two bells. I didn't know which one to ring to get her attention.

It never occurred to me that she wouldn't work for both offices or that there were two offices in one building. I was nervous and more concerned about not peeing all over the floor. I go to ask her a question and she slams her hand on the glass and points to the sign. So I said which bell? She points and then gets up and walks around the counter to the door, storms out of it on her cell phone and proceeds to go outside and SCREAM at her counterpart on the phone, then came in with the same attitude. Looking like she was about to cry, she sits behind the desk and slams her chest into the desk in a fit of rage.

I was SHOCKED at her behavior and lack of decorum. I took the test and the nurse/officiant was really nice and told me what all I had to do. Come back out and as I passed her desk I said:

"I really hope your day gets better." Sincerely. She snapped at me and said "My day is just fine." with this retarded look of disgust like who am I to notice her personal problems. When they were quite obvious with the two times she pratically ran out of the office, the slamming of the glass, the door and her chair.

It's supposedly a chiropractic office as well and I'll be sure to never recommend them to anyone.
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