beccak1961 (beccak1961) wrote in bad_service,

Why does "no mustard" mean turkey at my local Arbys?

My whole family goes to Arby's and we really like the food, so what's my complaint? Every other time we go there it seems they get my order wrong. I want a market fresh beef and swiss, no mustard. (or mustard sauce or whatever they call that "stuff" they put on an otherwise great sandwich) The first time I got my sandwich, opened it to check, there is mustard all over it. I asked them to fix it. I get another one, check, no mustard, only now it's turkey! This time I speak really slowly because I'm thinking someone back there is having issues, I get my sandwich but with attitude (but no mustard)

Yesterday we load up and go to Arby's. It isn't very busy. I order my usual and when I open it there is no mustard, but it's turkey. Somehow when I say beef it sounds like turkey, even though people usually find my diction fine. So I tell the person behind the counter I wanted roast beef. He apologizes and quickly fixes my sandwich... err no, that's my fantasy, what he actually does is look at me and say "you said turkey" I said "no, I said beef" he starts to argue with me when the counter person next to him said "it was beef" Does he apologize? No, he storms off to tell someone to make me a sandwich. I call after him, nicely, "please remember, no mustard" He practically snarls it to her, "she doesn't want mustard either" Never got an apology, but I did finally get the right sandwich....

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