Baby (ex_tooshay) wrote in bad_service,

Taco Bell made me so Angry!

I'm driving home from work, thinking about picking up some dinner and decide on Taco Bell. I usually get about 10 tacos for me and my SI. Drive-thru looked busy so I parked and went inside. A woman greeted me at the counter and I told her my order, 4 supreme tacos, 4 volcano tacos and rice and beans. When I finish she looked very confused so I started to say it again. She couldn't seem to find the buttons and she had no idea what the rice and beans were. I gave her a minute, then pointed to the menu above her trying to show her the rice and beans. She figured it out, not so bad...

I gave her my debit card, she swiped it and it doesn't run through. She swiped it again and again and again. She took a break from swiping it and faned herself with it. I watched as she pressed EVERY button on the machine and started swiping again. At this point I was kind of freaking out, wondering if I was being charged a hundred times for tacos.

She looked around at the other two employees and mumbled about the machine not working but they both ignored her. I asked her if she could ask the woman who was doing the drive thru to take my order. She said no, she's drive-thru only. I then asked if she could ask the same woman (who could hear this entire conversation, she was just ignoring her coworker) to see what was wrong with the card machine. She bashfully looked at the woman and tells me "I don't remember her name."

I felt like I was going to scream. I told her just to cancel my order, I would go through the drive thru. At this point I don't know why I even bothered, but I waited 20 minutes in the long ass line, on top of the 15 minutes I had just spent inside and to top it off, none of my supreme tacos were supreme.

I complained at Taco
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