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Um...I work Customer Service at a local store, and even I know that using this type of language and suddenly telling the customer, "OH yea, you suck, go screw yourself in the corner, I don't care!!!" is a good way to get myself fired.

Well, this is what I saw today when I logged on to look at my roleplay journals, I get a link to the message in the cut below

COMMIEJOURNAL.COM ANNOUNCEMENT is being redirected here for 24 hours, so that all users can read the following important announcement.

The following announcement is from Nebris, one of the two owners of CommieJournal:

In Which Nebris Reads The Riot Act To CJ's User Base

Let me warn you ahead of time that I shall not censor myself in this 'admonishment' and that some of what I shall say will be harsh and even abusive. But you can be certain that what I say will also be utterly honest and that shit can hurt like a mutha fucka.

First things first: Commie Journal is fucked! We, The Management can no longer carry it. Hell, we have been having trouble putting food in out fucking fridge these last few months. And it is those of you who have not coughed up one fucking penny who hold the primary responsibility for that state of affairs.

So we are going to 'go on hiatus until further notice'. It pisses me off to do so, nearly as much as it pissed me off to stick advertising on the Main Page. But we have no choice any more. This will happen the first of October. We can't do this month to month, hand to mouth, bullshit anymore.

I do very much appreciate those of you who have been paying their way here – a total of 10 1-year non-renewing accounts, 2 1-year self-renewing accounts, and 14 purchased permanent accounts . Your CJ's will be saved until we are able to return. I do humbly apologize to you for doing this, but as I said, we have to eat.

As for the rest of you...a total of 8734 free accounts btw...

I said here several months ago that if everyone of you took a dollar bill, stuck it in an envelope, and mailed it to our POB, Commie Journal would not only be able to pay for its servers for years, we could also pay for a professional code monkey to provide CJ with all the bells and whistles it needs. Hell, even if half or a quarter of you did so...but whatever. You didn't,

Only a hand full sent in donations and we will save your accounts also. Thank you.

The rest of you sent us dick and your journals will get purged and deleted. Is that mean and vindictive? Yeah, it is. But shit is tough all over.

Functionally most of you are parasites. You clamored for Full Service, then bitched on other sites about not getting it, all while expecting a Free Ride. You fuckers can go back to Greatest Journal.

So, now as we come up on CJ's first anniversary, after magyar_saman has literally 'burned the midnight oil' to make this site work and we have poured roughly two grand into running Commie Journal, we have to 'put it on the back burner'.

As I said, that pisses me off. It also hurts. We had high hopes and now we have to eat those hopes, never a pleasant meal.

But we'll be back at some point. We're both very stubborn, and I'm too fucking mean, to just bail on CJ. To those of you who will see at that time, Be Well....

A friend of mine and my opinions: they act like it's anybody's fault but theirs that they provided a free service and couldn't afford a relatively cheap amount of web hosting to cover it. If they couldn't foot the bill, they should never have started it. And to randomly post this?! There absolutely wasn't any warning they were going to do this, and there's a possibility that we all could lose all the work we put into our entries.

I was going to donate money, just a enough to keep my entries and journal going. But, things have been tight with money. Plus, why would I make my roleplay journals paid when my own journal is not?!

Seriously guys. If you want people to come back to use your journal site, then you need to tone down the language. This letter could have been written so much better to get the point across.
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