~Louise~ (cheesyforsheesy) wrote in bad_service,

The last post reminded me of the smallest service suck...

I am 7 months pregnant. The other day I was at the grocery store checkout and the cashier asked me if I needed someone to help me out to my car. I NEVER let someone help me because I like things just so when putting groceries in a car and also am a bit embarrassed by the messiness of my car.... and honestly enjoy my grocery trips as a slice of just me, myself and I. It is my calming "me" time. I said "No thanks, I need the exercise" as I always do.... and she replied with a disgusted look and said "You know you REALLY shouldn't do that, right?!" It wasn't even heavy stuff!! I was offended but didn't say anything else to her....

Edit: To clarify, I appreciate the offer for help... but not the disgusted look and her saying "You know you REALLY shouldn't do that, right?!"  She was implying I shouldn't lift because I was pregnant.
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