C to the Izaph, E to the Izine (capheine) wrote in bad_service,
C to the Izaph, E to the Izine

Annoyance at the register

This isn't necessarily bad service, but I want to know how you guys handle this irritation...

So, I'm at a store, paying for my stuff, and this situation happens more often than I'd like:

Them: Would you like to join our discount club/buy more stuff/sign up for our e-newsletter/purchase an extended warranty/gargle my balls?
Me: No thanks, I'm all set.
Them: You can save $10 right now!
Me: That's ok.
Them: It'll only take a second!
Me: Nope, not interested.
Them: We send you coupons on your birthday!

And so on. I know these poor cashiers are forced by management to bother me with special offers and shit, but I am never and will never be interested in what they want to sell me. Part of me just wants to tell them to shut up and ring up my purchases so I can get the hell out of there.

Any tips?
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