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I work for a company who provides products to restuarants/fast food places/hospitals and other businesses. As a part of my job I have to speak to employees of these locations quite a bit. I could write a novel on the sucks I encounter, however, I mostly save such rants for customers_suck.    

This, however, I believe to be bad_service. I called a location regarding one of our products that was returned. The product in question was for an employee and I needed some further info on his return. When I called, a woman answered and identified herself as a manger and gave her name. I asked her about said employee and she said I would have to call back for two other managers because they were familiar with the situation. She advised me to call after lunch and I did so, about 3pm so it was well after the lunch rush. When I called, it was the same women I'd spoken to and asked for either of the two managers, she muttered "hang on" and put the phone down and I heard her tell them to answer the phone and that I was a "pain in the ass". Now I'm sorry that you don't know what's going on, you probably have other things to do and are having a hard day, but what right does that give you to call me a pain in the ass? I have a job to do just like you do. And worst of all, she was a manager! I plan on filing a complaint through their website because I find it extremely unprofessional. I really don't think I was being a pain in the ass either, I was just calling because I have to. They returned something so I figure they would want some kind of compensation or else they're going to be calling us and bitching and she has the nerve to call me a pain in the ass? We'll see who's the pain in the ass now, lady!  

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