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what is this place? some kind of nun factory?


My family's been signed onto Sprint for about 14 months. I pay an extra $15 for unlimited data/internet access on my phone. This has been part of our plan since we first signed onto to Spring, and I've been paying for it every month.

This month, we received the bill through the mail. This is a little weird, but not a suck, because normally the bill is electronic. While checking out the bill, we noticed that we're being charged for MUCH more than usual. We look over the details, all the normal charges are there... except they're charging my phone number $75 for internet.

This looked like a simple mistake, so my father calls customer service(the plan is under his name, but I pay for my share). Upon checking out our account info, the rep says that we aren't signed up for unlimited data, so Sprint is charging us for last month's data usage.

My father tells them that it's impossible, since we've been paying for unlimited data for the last 14 months and have never encountered a problem before. In response, the rep claims that it was NEVER part of our plan, so we're obviously lying and have been receiving free internet this entire time.

Now, this could have easily been solved by pulling out our past bills, except, as I've mentioned before, we're normally billed electronically. My father tries to sign into his Sprint billing account, but there's something wrong with his account? I don't have the exact details, but we can't seem to access the information.

Right now I'm searching for the original plan statement for my phone, but it's been a year since we signed up, so I'm having a lot of trouble finding it. Ugh, I'm really afraid that I might've thrown it away, so my hands are kind of tied at the moment.

eta: fixed some wonky sentence structure.
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