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If you're unhappy with our landline service, would you like to purchase a cell phone plan instead?

This happened a couple of years ago, but it's definitely worthy of revisiting!

A couple of years ago, I moved from one apartment to another. Prior to my move, I arranged with Bell Canada to have my landline transferred on a specified date. They assured me that this would be no problem.

So to make a long story short, I moved into my new apartment and subsequently went two weeks without landline service. Every single day during this period, I'd call Bell Canada from my roommate's pay-as-you-go cell phone and file complaints with Bell Customer Service Representatives about the lack of service for which I was paying. Every day during that period, three times per day, Bell Canada promised that:

(a) "You'll have telephone service by 6pm."
(b) "You'll have telephone service by 9pm."
(c) "A Bell technician will come by your apartment tomorrow between 9am and 6pm."

Weeks went by, and a Bell technician never showed up, and I still didn't have landline service.

So one afternoon, I once again called Bell Canada and once again spoke to a lovely Customer Service Representative who was curious to know why I was so "anti-Bell". The lovely Customer Service Representative actually asked, "Have you had a bad experience with Bell?" To which I politely shrieked, "I haven't had a landline at my apartment in two weeks, and every day you promise me a technician who doesn't show up!" How did the lovely Customer Representative respond to that? By offering to sell me a Bell Canada cell phone plan, of course! Because if I had a cell phone with Bell Canada, she explained, it wouldn't be such a big deal that the landline that I was paying them for wasn't operational. *head-desk*

The lovely Customer Service Representative then kindly offered to send me instructions on how to rewire the telephone jack myself, seeing as the technician that I had been promised for two weeks wasn't likely to show up. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Me: Okay, send me the information.
Bell: Do you live with a man?
Me: [Confused] Um, yes, one of my roommates is a man. Why?
Bell: Maybe you should give the information to him.
Me: What? Why?
Bell: Because you know, men are more technical than women.

I'm sure that the lovely Customer Service Representative's eardrums were pierced by my shriek. Literally. I screamed. And within the week, I switched to another telephone service provider.
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