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US Bank/FirstStar must DIE!

Now I'm mad. I just checked my online banking statements, this is what it showed on 11/1/2004:


Balance: 1041.27
Available Balance: 291.27
Funds Withheld: 750.00
Misc Debits: 250.00

Now, all that makes sense. I have a check pending for $750.00, I've spent around $250, which leaves me with $41.27 in my checking account. Then I found out this happened.

Check Card Authorizations:

MEL'S DINER ... 26.91
MEL'S DINER ... 26.91
MEL'S DINER ... 26.91

Balance: -81.73


Check Card Authorizations:


Balance: -148.73


Balance: -181.73

I've now gone from a positive balance to a way negative balance.

This happens at least 3 times more on small for $2, a snack for $5...still within the balance that I have recorded in my records.

And so on. Eventually, I found out, even though 2 checks, one for $750, and one for $850 were deposited, I was overdrafted again, and again, and again. The bank never once told me I was in the red, never informed me, and also never told me that my deposits hadn't cleared. After 15, yes, 15 overdraft charges. I went from a balance that should have been $200.00 in the black, to over $700.00 in the red.

WTF kind of operation are they running here? They ran a single authorization 3 times, which caused me to go into the red for 2 days, and managed to screw my entire checking account up.

Who's at fault here? The bank, or the diner? I can't even tell who did the authorizing here.

And to make matters worse, my bank *still* is putting charges through...I've been using the card while in the red for almost a week, and they've never once declined a transaction, they just keep sending me further down the hole. I just found out about this last night, when a transaction was finally declined. Of course, they still let another $192 in transactions go through, which more than likely means more overdraft fees.

So what are my options here? Can I fight the initial fee that got this started and get all my money back, or what?
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