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The shoe shopping/shoplifting post reminded me of this.

During the summer before sophomore year (about 5 years ago), my friends and I were really into hanging out at the mall. We went at least 3 times a week for at least 6 hours each time, we were mallrats. Sometime near the end of the summer my friends M, L and I decided to go to Macy's because we all really wanted J Lo. jeans for the new school year (I know, no need to mock). I should also mention that we'd all bought something from other stores already, so we all had shopping bags. So, we pick our size off the rack and head to the Junior's department fitting rooms and it's PACKED. Every room is being used and there's about 10-12 people waiting in line (there were only 4 or 5 rooms). One of the girls working there tells us we can go to the Women's department fitting room if we want and try the jeans on there. I ask her if we should bring the jeans back when we're done or just leave them in the Women's fitting room, shes says leave them in Women's. So we tried them on, L and I decided we'd get them some other time and hung them on the rack outside the rooms as M buys her pair. We leave Macy's and walk around some more. We go up and downstairs two or three times and went into a dozen stores. M says she feels like we were being watched, I start to turn around to see if anybody is and and this guy comes up to us.

Macy's Security Guy: Hello, I'm Macy's security. *Something to the effect of how he's been following us since we left Macy's* I'm afraid I'm going to need to see your bags.
*M (only one with a Macy's bag) hands over bags. MSG looks through them, is ok with everything and hands bag back.*
Me: Can I see some sort of proof that you're Macy's security?
MSG: *looks kind stunned, show Macy's Security ID*
Me: *Looks at ID* Ok, and exactly why are you stopping us?
MSG: Something about seeing us on the cameras going from one departments to another, two of us came out of the dressing room without the clothes we brought in, only one of us bought something, blah, blah, blah.
Me: So you're accusing us of shoplifting?
MSG: *completely ignores me* (to L) Can I see your bags.
L: Um, yeah. *hands bags over, they're checked over and takes them back*
MSG: (to me) Can I see your bags?
Me: No.
MS: *kind of annoyed and pissed now* And why is that?
Me: Well, you said you're Macy's security but we're not in Macy's. You have no right to search my bags.
MSG: Well, maybe I'll call the head of Macy's security to come out here then.
Me: You can call the CEO of Macy's for all I care, I'm not in your store anymore and you can't bother me. You're more than welcome to call Mall security, though. I would love to tell them about this creepy guy who's been following a bunch of 15 year old girls around the mall for half an hour. *glare*
MSG: *glare*
Me: *crosses arms* Go ahead, I'll wait. Do you need to borrow my phone?
MS: *super glares* I'll let you go. This time. *walks away*

We all stood there for a little to calm down a bit and figure out wtf just happened. After mulling it over for a little while, we all realized we're angry and called our parents. They all call Macy's security and rip them a new one and then L's dad comes and picks us up. Not even an hour later, Macy's calls our parents and wants all of us to come down and discuss the whole thing. We all go to the mall, they have MSG apologize to us and then send us out while the adults talk. Our parents came out 20 minutes later and told us everything that happened. Apparently, I was right when I said he couldn't bother us. If he suspected anything he should have called mall security the second we stepped out of Macy's. That was why he "let it go" when I brought them up. So they apologized to our parents, fired MSG and gave us each a $200 gift card.
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