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Motel 6 nightmare

Type your cut contents here.I live on the Gulf coast and had to evacuate for hurricane Gustav. We had to find a place where we could take our pets, and the closest place we could find was in Alabama. When we booked the room I specifically told them I needed a pet friendly hotel, as I was going to be traveling with my roomate, my daughter, two dogs and a cat. They found me a place with a room and a pet friendly policy. I went online to see the place, and to double check that it was, indeed, pet friendly. Right under "amenities" it said "small pets welcome."
Due to the evacuation there were no rooms to be had anywhere, and we felt very lucky to have found one.
Before we left, I called back to double check the reservation, and again mentioned the three pets. "Yes ma'am" they said. "We're pet friendly."

They've now been told twice that there are three people and three pets.

When we arrived, after hours and hours on the road, we checked in and all was well until we started across the lobby. The clerk suddenly called out "Only one pet per room."
WHAT? Yes indeed. She said we would only be allowed to take one pet into the room, and that we'd have to get TWO MORE ROOMS. That's three times as much money as we actually had to spend. Not only that but when I asked her to just go ahead and do it, figuring I'd work out the financial hassles later, she said "I don't have any more rooms."
Now, at no time were we told we could only have one pet per room. Nowhere on their website or in their pamphlet did it mention only one pet per room. They did not say a word about it when we booked the room, or when we confirmed the reservation.  When I told her I was taking the pets, that she'd had ample opportunity to tell me about this rule when I made and then confirmed the reservation, she said "Don't you get all up on ME about it, that's the policy, why you think I can change the policy?"
I said 'get your manager'.
The manager also said that under no circumstances would we be allowed to have all three pets in one room. When asked why he didn't bother to in any way inform people before they arrived about this rule, he told me the conversation was over.
We couldn't go home, because they weren't letting anyone back into our parish. We couldn't find another room, as evacuees had taken them all up. We literally had noplace to go.
I said to her "This is an emergency situation. We TOLD you we had three pets. Can't you make an exception because it's an emergency?"
No.'s not like I have two great danes and a mountain lion. I have a mini daschund, a mini poodle, and a kitten. Put them all together and they don't even make a full sized dog.
I asked her what we were supposed to do? She said it wasn't her problem. I said "Fine. Give me my money back then."
She said the room was non refundable!!!
So...we're not being allowed to stay, we've already paid for the room for the week, and they won't give us the money back so that IF we can find another hotel we can pay for it!
In an emergency mandatory evacuation situation.All she would say was "Don't get all up on me, don't be all tough up on me, it aint my problem."

Eventually, when it became clear to her that we weren't leaving without our money, she decided to give us a second room. Not free of course, we had to pay for it. She would graciously allow two pets in one room, and one in the other.
Fine. She had us pay just for the second room for that night, and said we should talk to the manager in the morning and see what arrangements we might be able to make.

The  next morning, when we went down to pay for the second room for another night she said it wasn't available and the manager had said that there was no way we could have three pets in one room and that two of them had to be out by noon.
Here we go again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Meanwhile, as we were standing there, other people were checking in. Some of them had HUGE dogs and I finally said "It says here "small pets welcome" and those dogs are huge. If you're willing to overlook THAT rule why arent you willing to take my three little animals that don't add up to even half of one of those?"
She said "Don't get all up on me. I don't make the rules. They got only one pet."
I told her her rules clearly stated small pets were welcome, not 150 pound rotweillers, and that nowhere did it say anything about one pet per room.
She dug out an old form that clearly stated one pet per person.
I said "That's great! there are three of them and three of us! one pet per person."
She said, "PER ROOM!!!"
Nowhere did it say that.
So, we're being kicked out and there are no rooms for hundreds of miles. We called all the way through tennessee and there were NO rooms.
She, and her manager, did not care. They absolutely did not care.
So, we said "Fine. That's fine. We'll stay for four days in our car. And we'll be sending letters to major newspapers and to 6onmyside to tell them that you've stolen our money and are refusing to let us stay in the room we paid for because you've clearly invented a rule that is not posted anywhere in any of your hotel information, obviously in an attempt to rip us off. We'll also be calling the better business bureau and the owners of your hotel. If you don't, at the very least, return our money, you'll be hearing from our lawyer. If you can't be decent and allow us to stay, in an emergency, that's fine. You can be that sort of people. It's nice that you can live with yourself. But if you can't be honest and give us back our money for a room you won't allow us to use we'll be proceeding with legal action. And a lot of bad publicity."
She called the manager, who asked to speak to one of us. He told us that the clerk must have misunderstood him, and that there was no reason we had to leave and all was well.

But should we have had to go through that stress?
And while we stood there, we saw other people coming in with multiple pets. They clerk would look at us, and then just check them in without a word.
Damn straight.

But I really couldn't believe that whole ordeal.

It seems so scamlike and underhanded to me.

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