Cindy (rockabillyjean) wrote in bad_service,

Wow Pizza Hut is really on their game

Awhile ago My boyfriend called me up around fourish to say he had had the day from hell at work and would be there until around six then would start the 90 minute drive home. I thought some pizza would cheer him up when he got home so I called Pizza Hut around 6:15 to make sure they would deliver around the same time my boy was getting home so we could have some fresh hot pizza.
I called and decided the special sounded great and ordered that. They asked my phone number and I had to recite it to them no less than 5 times. When they finally got it right they said Cindy and I said that was me and they confirmed we still lived at such and such address and then he asked how I wanted to pay for it. I told him I wanted to pay for it by credit card. He said that was fine and again I had to give him my credit card number quite a few times before he got it right. He told me to expect my food around seven. I said great, thanks and hung up.
Seven rolls around and no pizza. I called just to check and the guy said it was on its way out and should be there soon. seven thirty rolls around and my boyfriend shows up but still no pizza. I called again to check on it. They guy now tells me that the guy got lost because there was no such address as the one I gave him. I told him I double checked the address with him and they had delivered here a few times before. He stood by his story that there was no such address and when he called about it I didn't answer. I said I never got a call and he replied that he called ***-**** I said well that explains it, that's not my number. He then started to argue with me about it so I just hung up on him. Boyfriend and I went out to McDonalds then called it at night since he was exhausted.
When my credit card bill arrived for the month it looked like Pizza Hut had charged me every time they asked what my credit card number was so I had to call and cancel the charges.
I'm so glad we've moved since then and now have a new pizza place to go to.
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