Ria-chan (smutvideos) wrote in bad_service,

Someone else's USPS story in this community reminded me of an odd experience I had at the Post Office when I was 18.

I went out of NYC -- to Wauwatosa, WI -- as a high school graduation present to myself.  My mom used to send me a money order every week -- and during the second week, I happened to miss the parcel the money order came in.  So, I had the friend I was staying with drive me to the post office.

I get there and I present them with the slip and my NYS Driver's License.  The lady tells me that she can't give me the parcel.  I ask her why and she tells me because my address doesn't match the one on the parcel.  I keep pestering her about how it was sent from my mother who has the same address as me (but not the same last name) and that the sender's address is the home address on my license.  She still refuses, citing the same excuse.  I explained to her the situation: I'm visiting and my mom is sending me money to make sure I'm okay and she still refuses.  So, I asked for her higher up.  Her higher up wouldn't give me the parcel either, but I guess he got sick of my pestering that he let me call my mother on my cell phone in order for him to speak to her and verify that the parcel was sent to me at my friend's address @_@;.  And that's how I got my money order parcel.

It's just funny, because when I need to pick up a parcel/package in NY -- they only check if the name and picture matches.  They don't care about the address o_o; ..

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