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This is not so much terrible service as completely baffling service, but it's the US Postal Service, so it's to be expected.

On Friday I received a "delivery attempt" slip in my mailbox for my expected package from I have absolutely no idea why they couldn't just leave the package, as I live in an apartment building with a secure package cage for which USPS has the key, and I have received packages from before, which were left in said cage with absolutely no problem. (EDIT: Fixed the double negative!) Anyway, there was a space on the form to sign authorizing the post office to redeliver, with a space saying when you would like redelivery and where it should be left. I signed the slip, wrote "Monday" and "cage under stairs" and taped it above the buzzer in the entryway.

Saturday and Monday passed with no sign of the package (although my slip did migrate from the wall to the door and back again). I figured it was a hopeless cause and went down to the post office at 9 this morning and got my package with a medium amount of hassle. Postal worker looks at my slip, looks at my driver's license, compares the identical, clearly written names on each and says, "Who's Oriel?" Uh, that would be Arielle, and that would be me. She then says, "Well, why'd you sign it here?" I said, "Because I wanted them to redeliver it, but they never did." "No, honey, that's where you sign it if you want someone else to pick it up for you." "Uh, okay." (It was not; there was another clearly marked space on the form for that purpose. Because obviously there would be space to write the redelivery date and where you want the package to be left if that were the case. Because that makes sense.) I got home with my package, tried on my new clothes, and all was well.

All this would not merit a bad service post, though. The baffling part came this afternoon, when I arrived home from grocery shopping around 3:00, collecting the mail from our box as I did so. I found a "Redelivery Attempt: Final Notice" slip for the package which I had collected from the post office at 9 am. There was no redelivery attempt. There could not have been either a redelivery (the package was in my apartment) or even an attempt (my husband was home all the time I was out and no one rang the bell). The Postal Service left me a notice for a package which they did not have in their custody and which they could not have even attempted to deliver. I'm honestly still trying to wrap my brain around it, and we have scanned the delivery notice for posterity.
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