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Coffee Shops

A couple of things about some of the coffee shops around here:

- I'm 20 years old, and I really do not like it when the employees at one place call me "Sweetie" and talk to me in a cutie/baby tone of voice, the way you would talk to a child. I'm not short (5'6"), and I wear the same casual clothes from Target/Goody's/Kohl's/stores in the mall that a lot of other people wear. It's not like I'm wearing a Hannah Montanna shirt or something. I don't see them doing this to many other people my age, so I don't know what it is. If I'm standing in front of you and dangling my car keys in my hand, I think you can conclude that I drove a car here and must be at least 16.

- When I order a [whatever kind] frappuccino with whipped cream, I don't like being told, in a snobby tone, "It comes with with whipped cream". In the past, when I've ordered a frappuccino at other Starbucks locations, they've asked if I want whipped cream on it. I've just gotten into the habit of adding "with whipped cream". Please tolerate me saying three extra words.
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