Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in bad_service,
Brigitte Fires

Community College annoyance

Like I said, just an annoyance, not the worst service veer, but it could be.

I applied for graduation in January 2007 to graduate May 2008 with an associate degree. They sent me the list of the classes I still needed. At this point, they told me that there were two graduation ceremonies per year: one in May, one in January. They say if I cannot finish my classes by August 2008, I will have to graduate in January 2009 instead. No problem.

So I take my classes, have to take a few twice due to unfortunate circumstances, and I can't finish my classes by the end of August, so I figure I'll be graduating in January after I finish classes in December. I send an email to the appropriate department about it, they say I don't need to re-apply, it'll be no problem.

One of the classes that my audit form says I need is a natural science class. There is no such thing listed in any of my college's class information, and so I ask a counselor about it. She says I DO NOT need a lab class, just 3-4 credits of natural science, and that Backyard astronomy counts for that without a lab. That's what I took over summer semester.

Cut to two weeks before the May 2008 graduation ceremony. I find out that a) they no longer do a January grad ceremony and that b) if I can finish my classes by the end of december, I can walk in the may ceremony. Too bad it's WAY too late to walk in that ceremony, and so I was very anxious about not getting to do that. But a counselor said it would be no problem, I could walk in the next year's ceremony since I wasn't done with my classes yet anyway, but I would have to re-apply for graduation. So I did that, to graduate May 2009.

This summer, I got an email from someone saying that I would not be allowed to walk in the May 2009 graduation ceremony because I had the opportunity to do so in May 2008 and I had chosen not to. I have no idea who this person is or why they thought to send me this info, but it could have been connected to a few different things.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do about that, when I realize I can get another certificate by taking one more class next semester. Which allows me to walk in graduation, thereby meaning I don't have to argue with them about that aspect, and I don't really care what they say I graduated with as long as I can walk and do all that picture stuff and have my family there. Cool. I COULD finish that class this semester, but life is crazy and I'd still walk in may 2009 if I do it next semester so whatever, one class, no big.

Today I get a piece of mail that was supposedly sent August 1, 2008. Telling me that I still need a natural science class, and that my graduation date has been postponed to May 2009 and that I do not have to re-apply for graduation. It lists my backyard astronomy class as *1* credit and not the 3 I had signed up for, as a class that does not go toward my degree.

WTF? This is really making me kind of mad....

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