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Admissions and Records at Community College

I just called my cc's Admissions and Records office, hoping to have a question clarified that I can't seem to answer myself with their online resources. I need my general education signed off on a certain slip of paper for the University I'm transferring to, and I'm not sure if the transcripts I had sent from my past collegiate forays had made it to the cc. In order to get my general education signed off, these transcripts would need to be in my file at the cc.

I don't want to go all the way down to the cc campus more than once if I can avoid it, so I tried to call. I wanted to ask if my transcripts had made it in. I had sent an email once before about this, but had received no response.

When I dialed the number for admissions and records, I listened to a very long recording detailing the days in June and July that the office will be closed. It's now September. I was then given one of 3 options, and I chose to hit "O" for an attendant as instructed.

It rang about 6 times, then I was informed by a recording that all available lines were busy. If I knew my party's extension number, I could leave a voice message. Otherwise, stay on the line for the next available attendant.

I stayed on the line.

3 rings later, another recording picks up along the lines of "Thank you for calling, but no one is available. Please call back another time. Goodbye."

I thought it might be a fluke, so I tried again 15 minutes later. Exact same run around.

I picked other menu options, such as "For questions about Transcripts, Press 2."

Every other option led to a recording. For example, when requesting information about transcripts, I was informed that I could request them online, fill out a slip located at such and such web address, or come in. Right after the recording would be the "Goodbye" heard at the end of my first call.

I am really frustrated. I need a question answered, but it's inconvenient for me to show up at the cc's office if I can't get my general ed written off then and there by an academic advisor (If i have to show up, be instructed to get my old transcripts, and come back).

Here's the kicker - I could have had my new university assess my general education situation, if my cc transcripts had shown up in one piece. They didn't. I had been informed by the same office with the terrible phone service that all cc's within my district showed up on the same transcript (that attending two community colleges campuses in one district showed up on a district-wide transcript). This was in fact wrong, and the nice (informative and accessible!) people at my university have been kind with pointing me in the right direction, and feeling sympathy on my transferring soul.


Who else hates the bureaucracy and office staff at their community colleges? What's up with that? Why do we always let them get away with predictably bad service??

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