Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Professional Survey Creator can't figure out a 3 question Survey

Ok, I understand what I wanted was very specific, but that is your job – to take what I want and a create a questionnaire from it. However, what I got back from you was unusable crap.
1)It took you a WEEK to make a 3 question survey page 2)You completely LEFT OFF the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION, which I stressed over and over again was the reason we needed to send out this questionnaire. In fact, we talked on the phone for several hours about this very question…. How the F*** did you forget to even include it????
3)You are still more concerned about the TITLE of the document than the actual format/and or content. I don’t care what the title is if the format is crap and the questions are all wrong!
4)How do you have a job writing documents when I’m seeing wording like this? For example, when I questioned you about the lack of the main question I got back this email - I think that we could ask managers with more than one multiple locations, I could make this instruction stronger.” Yes, that was the entire email.
5)The suggested questions and question format I gave you at the beginning would make it so each manager would only have to fill out the questionnaire once. Your lovely question and format changes make it so some managers would have to fill out the questionnaire over 30 times!!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Now I have a meeting tomorrow to go over the distribution of the questionnaire, but do not have a draft of the completed questionnaire to present.   I even gave you extra time when I seceduled
I know the committee wanted me to use your services because you are internal, and supposedly a professional at this, rather than me doing it in Survey Monkey and the committee having to use the budget to pay for an account…. But, yeah, you suck and I’m just going to make my own questionnaire in Survey Monkey. I’ll pay the fees for a professional account myself and stay overtime to manage the dang thing rather than using your services

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