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Shoe Shopping...

This happened to my best friend several months ago, and the story below about the security guard/bag issue reminded me of it.

My best friend and her then-boyfriend were in the mall looking for a new pair of shoes (I think it was for Prom, b/c her boyfriend was still in high school, but I really don't remember).

Jon (my best friend's then-bf) took off his jacket, because this store is always really hot. He didn't want to look suspicious by putting it into the bag he was already carrying, so he simply tied it around his waist. Then he looked around to see where my best friend was.

When he found her, she decided that their shoes were just a bit outside of her price range so they decided to leave. However, at the exit they were stopped by and employee. Another left the store to go get one of the mall cops.

They proceeded to accuse Jon of shoplifting. They said they had him on tape SHOVING SHOES DOWN HIS PANTS. When Jon told them that he was merely tying his jacket around his waist she asked "They why were you looking around to make sure nobody was looking?" He said he was merely looking for BFF, and offered to show her that he did not, in fact, have shoes down his pants. Employee 1 waved frantically to Employee 2, who now had TWO mall cops in tow. Employee 1 told the mall cops that not only had Jon shoplifted, but theatened to expose himself to her.

They were taken in for questioning *EDIT: yes, still in the mall, some little temporary cell they have or something*, during which time they were threatened with the alleged tape (though funnily, they never played it for their captives). When BFF had finally had enough, she said something quietly to Jon about this whole thing being bullshit. BFF is about 5'0" tall and weighs about 90 pounds. The nearest officer, who heard her remark, was a full-grown adult man, who then asked her to step aside. He threatened to "backhand her across the room" for her attitude. He was so verbally abusive that she was reduced to tears, and remember... this is a girl who is not afraid to cuss in front of a cop. *EDIT: Please note that she was not talking to the cop, but whispering to her boyfriend, I mean really, what would YOU have said?*

Eventually they were let go, because HELLO?! they weren't shoplifting. But the cops told them that they were never to return to that store again (as if they'd want to?), or they would be arrested. Honestly, I wish they would have just arrested them, because I would have really liked to see their "proof," seeing as they did nothing wrong in the first place.

I'd like to see what they would do if they actually had to deal with a real criminal. They'd probably all be bawling like babies.

ETA: Yes, if it had been me in the situation, I would have taken legal action as well, but unfortunately neither one of them really have the financial means to do anything.
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