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At what point (and to whom) would you complain?

I just moved to a new area.  The grocery stores around here aren't very nice, have crappy expensive produce, and overpriced meat that is multiple colors.  The only one with good produce and good meat is Jewel, but Jewel is more expensive, so I only go there once a month or so to stock up. 

In the past I have seen: teen employees gathered around text messaging, giggling, and shreiking; employee pocketing a pack of gum, employees ignoring the self-scan while elderly customers stand around confused, and employees actually yelling at each other in the doorway.  I really haven't had the urge to complain, because none of it was actually HORRIBLE, just unprofessional.

Until today.

I got a weeks worth of groceries, around $64 worth.  After walking up to an openI use cloth bags (they're easier to carry, and I hate when I have a million plastic bags hanging around the house), and when I handed them to the cashier, she sighed loudly, yelled for a bag boy, and threw them at him.  I tried to hand her my Preferred card, but she was quickly scanning my food, throwing all of it down to the bag boy.  So she finishes ringing me up and says the total, and i say "here's my Preferred card", and she sighs again, and rolls her eyes as the discounts ring up.  I finish up on the PIN pad so I can pay. 

Not so bad yet, right?

Well, as I look up, I notice her throwing an apple into my cloth bag, without it being in the plastic produce bag.  Since there was also raw chicken in that bag, I ask her to please put ithe apple back in the plastic baggie.  Then it dawns on me:  did the apple fall on the floor?  So I asked her.

"Yep", she replies, handing me the bag.
"And you just put it back?" I asked
"Yeah, they said people wash their produce and stuff, so we don't have to tell them if it falls"
"Yeah, but it can bruise when it falls on the ground"
"I'll get you another apple if you want one"

The apple didn't look bruised, and I didn't want to risk an angry worker messing with my apples, so I said "no thanks, but you really should tell people when you drop their food".  Then, she and the bagger proceeded to pepper me with requests to get another apple.  "I'll get you another apple, I can get you more apples, let me get you another apple..."  I was suspicious of their sudden desire to get me more apples!

So that was weird.  The bagger also only put half my items into my cloth bags, giving me three overflowing plastic bags, and two half-empty cloth bags, and one overstuffed (as in, my bagels are squished) cloth bag.  My bananas were also on top of my bread, and the meat was placed on top of a bag instead of underneath anything (chicken juice and all that). 

So, bad_service...would you complain?  And if you would, who would you complain to?  The store manager, who may have said that it's OK to drop people's food on the ground and not tell them?*  Or corporate headquarters, who may want to know about the craziness that occurs at this particular store?  Or am I overreacting entirely, and I need to accept that food dropping and eye rolling are all a part of produce acquisition?

*I realize much worse happens to produce, but I picked apples that had no bruises, and I prefer not to see the crazy stuff that happens.  And yes, I always wash them.
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