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Pizza Hut Bad Service

I normally let most bad service go; I can understand getting lost trying to find an obscure apartment, I can understand being new to the job, I can understand things getting backed up at the store. These are all things that are beyond our control, and I don't blame a delivery-person for not being OMG PERFECT.

But when you:
Take nearly two hours to prepare/deliver my food,
Park on the other side of the street from the dorms,
Forget half my order,
Arrive with the half you DID bring only lukewarm, when your restaurant is five minutes away by car,
Bring the other half of my order crushed AND cold,
Proceed to waste my time with excuses like, 'I didn't check what was supposed to be in the order, I just grabbed the bag and left",
I'm going to be a bit peeved.

My friends were not happy with their crushed, cold food, either.
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