thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

Sprint is *still* jerking me around

This is the 3rd installment of my issues with Sprint.

If you ever cared to know the back story, here you go:
Episode I: The Phantom Data Service
Episode II: Attack of the Phones

And now to continue the story...

On Saturday when I picked up the phone, it couldn't be activated because Sprint still has the order as pending shipment, even though it had shipped and I was holding the phone in my hands.

So, J (awesome manager of the local Sprint Store) had them put in a ticket, said it would be ready in 24-48 hours and apologized profusely (even though it was out of his control).

Cut to 48 hours later - I get around to activating my phone and I'm shuffled around a bit as they look into the problem. Not bad_service here; I get transferred to the proper place.

They tell me the same exact thing that J had told me and that they'd put a ticket on it and it would be 24-36 hours. I explain that it already should have a ticket associated with it and I've already waiting 48 hours for this.

So, she looks it up and lo and behold, there's my ticket from Saturday afternoon. She lets me know that they've found the ticket and she's going to contact whoever is in charge of manually entering it. Back on hold for another few minutes and she tells me it will be ready in 2-24 hours. *sigh*

I wish I could just switch carriers because Sprint has been absolutely ridiculous this entire time. I bought the phone on August 27th - I'm pretty sure I should be able to use WHAT I'VE BEEN PAYING FOR FOR THE PAST 12 DAYS!

Note: I can't change carriers because my entire family is on the Sprint network (which means I can talk to them for free), this is the only one that my parents can use in their BFE town and I'd have to pay about $30 per month with any carrier besides Sprint for the same service. So, I'm stuck with them.

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