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Chili's and Italian Restaurant Bad Service

I've got two stories of some restuarant bad service.

My husband and I decided to go to the local Chili's for dinner the other night. Now, this particular Chili's isn't the best, as it's typically run by a bunch of teenagers and I swear I've seen the place go through about 3 or 4 managers, but I live in a small town, and there isn't much choice for places to eat late in the evening on a weekday.

We were seated, and waited about 10 minutes for anybody to appear to take our drink order. The whole time we're seated, this young girl was sweeping the floor at a snail's pace right next to us. Rather than see if anybody has helped us yet, she instead stared at us, gives the broom to another guy, and walked away.

We assumed maybe she gave the broom to him so she could take our order, but...she never reappeared.

Then, the host came whizzing by us again.

(Me) ...Excuse me, do you think you can get someone to take our order?
(Host) uh...*idiotic grin* a-HAHAHAHAH yeah sure. *walks away*
(Me and hubby) ..o__O;

So after about another 5 minutes, nobody has shown up. The manager walks by.

(Me)...Excuse me, we haven't had anybody take our order yet, or even come to our table.
(Manager) Oh, you haven't? Okay, hang on.

He walks to the back (where the waitresses go to get drinks and such), and proceeds to whisper to the girl who was earlier sweeping. Then, after about another 5-10 minutes, another girl appears.

She takes our order (and it's clear she has no clue about anything on the menu, so I wondered if she was a trainee or something). We get our food, and then don't see her again throughout the entire duration of the meal. By the end of it, I've finished my one root beer, and would desperately like some water. My husband would also like another strawberry lemonade.

She finally reappears, and we order a water and a lemonade refill. She leaves our dirty/empty plates, and after about 15 minutes (throughout which we see her chatting it up with other tables), she brings a strawberry lemonade.

(Husband)......and the water?
(Waitress) Oh! *giggle* that's right!

She FINALLY brings me my water, and at this point I barely want it anymore because I'm just ready to leave. She collects two other tables' bills, completely bypassing ours even though hubby has his arm extended with the bill in his hand.

She did not receive a tip.

Then, yesterday we were coming home from a day trip in Dallas, and decided to stop at one of the few restaurants in our town that are open late...a local non-chain Italian place that we usually like a lot.

We walked up, and the sign on the door listed the hours...clearly saying "Sunday - 11-10". It was only 8:00, so we happily walked into the place. Keep in mind, too, that the bright color neon sign was lit up to also say "Open!" And the doors were unlocked.

Behind the register/deli counter, you can see straight into the kitchen. Inside it, there was a young girl and a man. We didn't see the owner at all, which was a bit surprising becuase he's always there when we go, and he's quite a friendly guy.

Suddenly, the man jumps forward and starts waving his arms madly.

(Me) ..o.O Uh-
(Man) NO. *shakes head* CLOSED.
(Husband) *blinks* *looks at sign*....It says 10:00.
(Man) *who clearly doesn't speak much English* *waves hands harder* No. *shakes head*
(Me) ........So...are you-
(Man) *waves arms more* No. Closed.
(Husband)...So why are you closing at 8:00 if the sign says 10:00?
(Man) *Grins* Closed.

We finally gave up and left.

I consider it pretty bad service to randomly close two hours early, without any explanation whatsoever, and to have all of your signs clearly say open.

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