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HP... ugh.

Alright, so, about three months ago I purchased an HP Pavillion dv6000, dv66838NR to be exact, from Circuit City. Total came somewhere around 1k USD. Seeing that it was under HP warranty for 1 year and that my warranty booklet said I can have it repaired at any authorized dealer, I opted not to pay the extra 200 bucks for an extended service plan. Anyway, went for credit with CC and got the nifty no pay for 90 days deal, awesome, I can wait for my grant money to come in to pay for this thing. Fast forward about two months. The fan starts sounding a little strange. Hmm. I didn't pay it much mind at first, my knowledge lies with software, not hardware. Didn't think much of it. After being given some advice on it, I looked at the fan [NOT by taking the computer apart] and blew out any dust it might have had [not with the canned air -- doing that without first stabilizing your fan blades can kill it], and no change. After about a week and a half, it gets seriously annoying. It progresses, louder, and louder, to the point where it's almost unbearable to sit around for more than 5 minutes. It is that annoying. It is at this point I go "Okay, something is DEFINITELY wrong with this fan.", casting aside the idea that maybe something was stuck in it, or it was just noisy. No, this thing is broken for sure. So begins the bad service...

And that's saying something, because it takes a LOT to make me mad service-wise.

I start off by reading thru my warranty again. Yep, any HP dealer can fix it for me under warranty. Great, I'm thinking, I'll call CC and have them pop in a new fan, easy enough. I call circuit city and am run thru about a million different menus before I get to speak to an actual human. I know what is wrong with it. SOMETHING it wrong with my fan, either way, it needs replaced because the most minor issue it could have at this point is that the bearing is out. That means new fan. Anyway, I get to a human being and let them know, oh, my fan needs replaced, I bought this laptop from you guys and it should still be under HP warranty etcetc..

me: "So, how long do you think this will take?"
CC: "Well. Two weeks for diagnostics, and then six to repair it."

Um, what?! Six weeks to pop in a new fan? Are you shitting me?!

me: "Oh, well, you see, I can't wait too long.. I'm a college student and I depend on this thing. My notes, my papers, even my schedules... all on here."

The person I was speaking to then began trying to sell me data transfer service. No thanks, no, REALLY, I don't need it, NO, THANK, YOU *click*.

EDIT: And my best friend was wonderful enough to run me around to Best Buy as mentioned below, we also dropped by Circuit City to see if we could maybe exchange it or somesuch. Nobody is any help. At all. We wait AGES for a manager, and just get the same spiel, over, and over. It was like talking to a brick wall. They were so frustrating that I just had to leave before I became a bad customer. Note that I never lost my temper with any of these people...

[For the record, I rely on this thing for notes and whatnot so much because I have had rheumatoid arthritis most of my life, and hand writing becomes incredibly painful sometimes.]

Anyway, CC wont give me any time less than 6-8 weeks. Damnit. So, I remember it can be any HP dealer and run it to Best Buy to see what Geek Squad thinks. Dude diagnoses it right there, the fan is turning on and off erratically, doesn't sound right etc. Looks like it was probably defective from the start. Okay, great, can you guys pop in a new fan for me?

"Well, here's the thing. WE can do it, but it will cost you. Or we send it off to HP." At least this time I'm guaranteed 2.5 weeks. That was how long Circuit City was going to take to DIAGNOSE it. Okay, I'm thinking, they would ship it off, thats fine. Lets see what other places we can find.

So my father refers me to Laptops-Plus. I give them a call -- they're an authorized dealer but wont touch stuff under HP warranty. Gotta send it off myself. Sigh, well, at least she was friendly about it.

In the meantime, my laptop is getting worse and worse. Now it has started to run hot almost all of the time because the fan is shutting on and off randomly. Great. So, move ahead to the other night where my best friend decided to try and talk to HP about it. Throughout this whole ordeal, I called HP quite often and ended up on the phone for about 20-45 minutes [I know because I keep track of my time in between classes] and NEVER in all of the times I called them, reached a human being. I tried their chat help, but it wouldn't launch correctly.

So, anyway, he deals with them over chat for at least two hours. First agent is helpful at least, but gets disconnected. The next guy he spoke to was, holy crap. He insisted that the problem was software -- but wait, this is my fan... well lets check out BIOS anyway. Then he tells me to uninstall and reinstall.. mobility center? what? Meanwhile, my friend and I are going -- head to desk, head to desk, lather, rinse, repeat. My friend outlines to him WHY a laptop cannot function without a good fan. Things overheat, it shuts down to prevent things from being fried, in simple terms here. The agents response? "Ok." ...Zoom! I saw that one go over his head from here! So, he explains to the agent that I can't go too long without this thing. All of my work is on it. My only source of income is on it. Nope, still going to be a few weeks.

We finally get to the question, "So WHY can't an authorized dealer fix it themselves when in the warranty, it says they can?!" I mean, NOBODY will touch this thing and I don't know why. It says right there I can take this into a dealer for repairs. Of course, no straight answer there. Instead, he begins explaining that "HP will send you things to ship it in, this will take 1-2 weeks... You pack it up and send it to us, we will diagnose it... another 1-2 weeks.. then repairs" Woah woah woah. BUT WHY?! Why would you tell me in my warranty that a dealer can do the repairs, and then turn around and tell me to ship it to you and wait 6 weeks?!

So here I am, with a new chillpad so my lappy doesn't get destroyed.. listening to this godawful fan. I'm sure you guys can understand how incredibly frustrated I am at this point. I paid the extra money so that I would be two steps ahead of the game, and I THOUGHT I was getting a quality piece of technology here. Not one that would fucking crap out on me so soon. I did NOT give up $1,000 to be dragged through hell and back, all so I can get HP to honor their warranty which SAYS any authorized HP dealer can repair my laptop. So at this point, I either pay out the ass to have it repaired but stay under warranty, wait until DECEMBER to send it off and pray it comes back in before the spring term begins, or risk voiding the warranty by replacing the fan myself. Which by the way, HP wants to charge over $150 for this fan+heatsink unit, while you can find it for FIFTEEN BUCKS NEW elsewhere. Wtf wtf wtf. I hate HP so much right now. I will never, under any circumstances, recommend HP to anyone ever again. I don't care how fucking good their computers are supposed to be, it is NOT worth being run around tech support like that. And they apparently do NOT honor their warranties, folks.

I am at a complete loss as to what I can do at this point.

Long story short: Expensive computer breaks less than 3 months after purchase, warranty says any authorized dealer can repair it, NOBODY will touch it, HP tells me I can send it in but not see it for at least a month. College student left with broken POS laptop that nobody will honor the warranty for.

What the HELL should I do now? :{
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