Willow (muppetfromhell) wrote in bad_service,

So it's a really long, really convoluted story - suffice it to say, apartment hunting in NYC is FUN.

To the broker handling the rental of the apt while the owner was out of town - who swore up & down (and in WRITING) that our apartment renovations would be completed by Sept 1 when our lease was supposed to start:

Our "landlord" (the building is co-op except us, so we're really dealing with the co-op board president) who was on vacation when we took the apartment stopped by last night to look over what still needs to be finished (like half the kitchen - sink, dishwasher, countertops, etc; the light fixture in the living room that doesn't exist, the shower handle - y'know, little stuff like that). He kicks ass - he got a guy over already who will be finishing everything within the next few days. Him I like.

You, on the other hand - the guy who swore up and down the apt would be finished, despite the co-op board apparently giving you explicit instructions before he left NOT to rent the apt before the renovations were complete because he'd been having so many issues with the contractors- you're an asshat.

You knew we needed to be in by 9/1 - if we had known it wouldn't be done, there were other places we could have taken - and you'd have gotten your fucking commission from someone else with less pressing moving needs. Instead- now we hate you, the Co-op board hates you and I'm pretty sure even the special level of hell that is reserved for brokers is probably looking at you like this: o.O? (And my waistline and wallet hate you too - with no kitchen I've had nothing but takeout for a week)

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