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Ways to lose customers...

This is something that happened a little while ago, but the overall issue is still alive and healthy today and costing the branches tons of money i'm sure...


Basically I just moved out of an area where I would flat out refuse to go to any Gamestop. Because everytime anyone goes in there its like you're massively teased and belittled by the employees. If you dare even LOOK at a game they think is stupid they feel entirely free to tell you its stupid and well in some of their words, 'only losers play that game because it sucks'...

Uh... wow... really dont want to make a sale there now do you?

*sigh* I have taken their abuse for several years, well finally one event with them essentially made me boycott the company because I couldn't handle it anymore. I dont appreciate being talked to like I'm not only stupid, but not allowed to have an opinion or interest in something that isn't halo or final fantasy VII, dont get me wrong there's nothing wrong with either of those things but if I'm just browsing the games a little, rather then hearing, 'hey that game sucks you suck for looking at it' i'd prefer to be left alone or just asked if i could use some help.

Anyways, so i went to this one particular store that i usually didn't have a problem with simply because it was formally EB games before they were bought out, and so the old employees were always super nice and helpful to me. So, I go in with intents to buy a used xbox 360. theres some people going around, one guy working the floor helping them, then two guys behind the counter, one is helping customers the other was, well he looked like he was working. So i get in line and wait for one of them to be free because what i want they have to retrieve. the one on the computer looks up and goes, "oh... did you want something?" like i had bothered him. which i hadnt, i wasnt like trying to approach him i thought he was busy and was just waiting for someone to help me.
I nod and tell him, "yea, I was wanting to get a 360."
He stares at me for a minute then goes to do crap on the computer, I stood there a little awkwardly, then he looks back up and goes, 'Oh you mean right now?"
me and my friend exchanged some glances wondering if he was joking because his tone really wasnt like, playful in any way it was very vicious. but i just nodded and said, 'yes please.' and he goes back grabs one comes out and when he comes back I tell him, "I would also like a copy of Devil May Cry 4"
he shrugs and goes, "then you need to find it in the store cause i dont know where its at."
again me and my friend exhange glances and i tell him, "well we tried but its not out on the floor its behind you on that shelf."
well my friend who was with me was getting sick of his attitude and tells him, "yea, and she'd like that right now." because she was getting so pissed off.
and he looks over his shoulder and goes, "oh..." grabs it, THROWS it on the counter then steps back over. then starts talking about my friend getting all sassy with him and how he could essentially, out bitch her anyday. she finally just walked away because she was about to explode on this dude.
he does his stuff well, as I've never bought a used 360 from gamestop before i had no clue about them not coming with the harddrives, well its required of them to tell me that BEFORE they complete the transaction, this guy, he waited until he had my money in his drawer and everything printed out and done and sold before he tells me, 'oh, and you dont have a harddrive.'
I of course am surprised and ask why he explains it all to me about how they have to remove them when they get them send them back to microsoft to be wiped and such and so they are sold without harddrives, then tags onto that, 'but I can sell you one for $50."
I just kinda stood there dumbfounded for a second because it was a complete surprise to me, i respect their policy and that theres nothing i can do about it regardless of how unfair i think it is to remove the harddrives blank them then sell them seperately rather then putting them back on the systems... but i didn't like that he didn't tell me that in the beginning, before he made the sale, i'd have still gotten the system but it just seemed very underhanded, and he had already treated me like something beneath dirt so I was just kinda like ready to cry out of frustration because I have NEVER recieved such bad service anywhere in my life. he made me feel like my money wasnt good enough for him the entire time.

i ended up having to take the system back because it had a problem and i nearly got stuck with him again but fortunately one of the other guys who was there helped me and was super sweet through it all, even though the other guy was there and essentially kept saying i was liar and there was nothing wrong with that system. and i told him that i just wanted to switch for another because there was indeed a problem i wasnt just trying to return it. even though, it was like very next day and i was within my time limit. which really sucks given that i live 30 miles away from the town with all the gamestops in it...

this whole ordeal was later furthered with more suckage the lead to me finally just saying i would never go to gamestop ever again because by the end of it I was so upset and angry it was unreal. but i realized after talking to a friend who manages a gamestop in another area that they clearly arent all filled with jerk employees. because one i told him of what occurs in these stores he told me to report them to corportate immediately because if it happened in his store they'd have been seriously in trouble for mistreating customers.


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