Ágætis Byrjun (_say_goodnight) wrote in bad_service,
Ágætis Byrjun

payroll at the university: thanks for your advise, lady.

This is the best place I can think of to put this. It's not a coworker_suck, and they aren't managing me, but I required their service to get myself put on the university payroll.

Anyway, I qualify for Federal Work Study here at school, and it's my first time actually accepting it and as such, I need to be put on the payroll, for obvious reasons. I've had jobs before, so I understand the whole process of having to fill out the tax forms and bringing in the specific forms of identification to prove citizenship and all that.

Well, I don't live close to home, where I keep my social security card (because 99.9% of the time, I don't need it, so I might as well keep it somewhere safe), so that presents a bit of a problem. My advisor, who is giving me the job, told me to just try to get a copy of it and maybe the payroll woman will accept that. Ok, it's worth a try.

So, I get all the stuff together, the forms are filled out, I got my voided check for direct deposit, everything. I finally get to see the payroll lady, start showing her the forms, and it's all good, and then we get to the IDs. She looks at the copy of the social security card and tells me flat out that she can't accept that anymore. That's NOT the bad_service.

So I'm sitting there trying to consider what my options are. Not that there's anything she can do, but I tell her that I keep my card stored in a file in my home a couple of hours away and as such it might take as much as a few weeks to get it here.

"A few weeks??" she exclaims. "How about overnight? why don't you just get it mailed here? You need to grow up and start taking responsibility for things". She repeated this at least once more in our conversation!

I couldn't believe that this lady, this complete stranger, was telling me to GROW UP because my family and I all keep our social security cards somewhere where we KNOW where they are. And then she suggests that I send it through the mail, which, to be honest, I'm not exactly crazy about doing with a document like that.

Basically, I just found it really rude and unprofessional that she lecture me on something she has no place in lecturing me about, especially when she just plain doesn't know me!!!! It left me feeling really uncomfortable, and I just didn't know what to say back to her - my main focus at that point was to not start crying in front of this woman after being completely randomly called out like that.

As an aside, today, the same day this all went down, I got a package in the mail with my name on it, but with a completely different address. Another person with my name lives in the area and I got her book instead. Funny how that works.

I told my dad about the situation, and he refuses to send it through the mail anyway, though lucky for me, my brother is coming into town tomorrow and will give it to me. But I'll have to see the same payroll lady again to actually get it all done with.
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