Jessica (kf4vkp) wrote in bad_service,

Screw Old Navy. And hard too!

I ordered some clothes for the girls, coats that sort of thing, spent about $300 in all. So I was watching the tracking on my computer and it was supposed to be delivered on Monday. Well, I look on line, and it says 'signature required, no one home. 1st attempt'. I have a standing order to just leave packages, so Old Navy had to check a certain type of signature to get them to not leave it....frustratign since I work monday through friday.

So, I call old navy, they tell me to leave a note asking them to deliver to a neighbors house or something. So I do.

Fast forward to tuesday, I call the neighbor to ask if they've gotten it, UPS never came to their house. So when I get home, there is another note, stateing the same as above, except 2nd attempt.

So I called old navy again, asking them to remove the signature required order, but they just tell me to leave a note again. I explain that I tried that that it didn't work, could they please just not request a signature. But it's a no go and they tell me to leave a note.

So I called UPS, and changed the address to my neighbors, I hope they get it today, if not, I'm going to I guess have to have it delivered to work. But it's annoying to pay for something, be charged for it, and not be able to recieve it because someone at the company has decided that a signature must be required for a package that can't be seen from the road in the normal place they leave it....ugh!

EDIT 2:30pm:: I just found out that the driver read my note today and delivered it to my sil. Should have been easy enough, bright orange large with arrows. Part of this still remains an old navy issue as they wouldn't remove the sig. required or justify it's purpose other that 'it's policy'.

The drive just made it a UPS issue too though, he said he saw my note yesterday and started to deliver it, but saw the last name on the mail box of the neighbor/ SIL matched the last name on the package and thought it was the wrong house...and ignored the note...ugh!!!!
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