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First American Home Buyers Protection

Thought I would vent about the service I'm getting from them now. For the record, they're a company that works like an insurance company on your plumbing, air conditioning, appliances. You pay a set amount per year and they keep things running with a $55 incident charge.

2 nights ago tenants of mine called up to say they were plunging the toilet and sewage came out the base of the thing (wax ring broke). They call me up at 2am because they thought it was coming up into the house (it wasn't, it was coming out the toilet, but I'm glad they called).

I log into the firstamerican website and place a claim at 2am. By 7am they've got a plumber contacted and I get a call at about 9am saying they will be out there in about 28 hours. A crappy timeframe but the tenants have 2 bathrooms.

Cut to today - the contractors come out, take the toilet off and run a snake through the thing. The short of this part is they hit something while using the snake and tell it to me as though they think they broke a pipe, they tell the home warranty company the issue is the thing hit a foreign object and they need a camera in the line to see what it is. This contractor doesn't have that ability. They call First American and ask them what they want them to do. First American tells them to set the toilet to the side and that I am being put on an emergency list and a contractor with the right truck will be out shortly. They leave.

I call up first American at noon asking what timeframe I am looking at. I am told it'll be up to 4 hours before I am contacted but it's being dispatched as an emergency.

I drop back in, notice the plumbers left the woman who is there and her 2 kids with the toilet propping open the door so all the sewer gasses floated into the main living area. I move the toilet out of the way and close the door so the place doesn't smell like sewer.

5 hours go by. I call up First American, they tell me that the order was canceled because I do not have a sewage access cap for the snake. I ask them what this is and he says it's an access into the sewer. I point out that if he looks at the last plumber they dispatched that came out and snaked about a year ago he will see that I do have one and I could have pointed to where it was if they asked. He tells me that was the reason it was canceled and that and they don't know why nobody called to inform me.

I say regardless of whether or not the snaking or whatever was covered under warranty or not they left a toilet sitting on the floor, they didn't call to cancel and we've now wasted a whole freaking day waiting on them.

I am now waiting until 10pm for their callback, at which point I do not expect I will receive one and I will get to call back and deal once more with their dense call structure and 15-20 minute average wait time just for the employees to get the record up and talk to someone who can actually do anything.

** Edit **

4 hours after I called and was told I would receive a call back from their emergency dept within 4 hours, I called back. They are closed.

** Edit #2 **

Saturday now, 23 hours since they last said they would call in 4 hours. No calls. I managed to get a contractor of mine to come out and fix the thing as I suspected First American was going to dick around as long as possible. He mentions that the people they sent out were probably not plumbers or they would have managed to fix it.

The company name of people that First Am sent out seemed to indicate they were involved in solar panel installation and were doing plumbing as a side. I don't think they (the plumbers) were really at fault here, think I was the 1 out of 50 that requires more than basic plumbing skills.

My tenants now have a pot to piss in thanks to my contractor being able to help out on a Friday night / Saturday morning.

It has been 2 days 8 hours and 29 minutes since First American started coming up with excuses why they could not fix this.

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