Lillium (xlilliumx) wrote in bad_service,

DHL - DumbHumanLaborers?

Well, this is a VERY WTF story. It happened about a week ago.

I was heading out the door, and I realized there was a package inbetween my door and my screen door. Well, that's weird. UPS and Fedex always ring the bell or knock when they drop something off, and they're never ninja-silence-skilled about their deliveries. Not to mention that I wasn't expecting anything.

It was from DHL. I have never, and will never get anything shipped through DHL. Meaning, this wasn't my package. It was for a house down the street. Let it be known that I live in an apartment complex. It's not even a condo, it's an apartment. It's very hard to be stupid enough to mistake '40 ILiveHere Drive' for '49 ILiveHere Dr #40.' There's even a huge '40' right next to my door, maybe that's what throws them off?

When you pull into the parking lot for the apartments, there's a huge sign that says 'ILiveHere Apartments - 49 ILiveHere Drive,' and there's a big mailbox with about 25 different boxes in it 25 feet from my door. So, pretty obvious it's an apartment complex.

I decided I wouldn't waste my own energy to redeliver it; otherwise DHL would never learn and I would be getting "Amy"'s stuff forever. So I call them up, and let them know in not-so-many words that their driver was an idiot who couldn't tell the difference between a house and an apartment complex address. I really was nicer than that, though I was pretty ticked at how incredibly stupid the delivery guy was.

I gave them the item ship number, the address, my address, and the extremely friendly phone-guy took down a note saying, "Delivered to apartment, not house address, not the correct address. Please redeliver."

The next day, I set it outside and they ninja-scoop it up and it's never to be seen again.

Until the day after, when the DHL delivery guy RETURNS saying, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, I picked this up yesterday-." I admit it, I broke. I didn't yell at him, but I sternly said, "The address on that box is a house address! This is *49 ILiveHere Drive #40* NOT *40 ILiveHere Drive*! This is an apartment not a house!" and I closed the door as realization extremely, extremely slowly set in. ):

Thus, I will continue in never using DHL as a deliver method. ):

--- Writer's note; I know I could have just walked down the road and delivered the package, but as I mentioned in the story, if I did that they would continue to deliver things to my apartment instead of her house, and I would have to start holding her packages for ransom. >:( I am not a delivery service, and I do not have time to be running DHL's packages around for them. Food delivery people used to do this too, but they actually learn after the first time they're told, 'This isn't the right address.'
tl;dr - DHL idiot delivered to an apt. when address was for a house, very obvious differences abound. Called DHL, picked up package, then DHL idiot came back and was told the difference between a house and an apartment. :P Lesson: do not ship with DHL.

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