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I'm a pretty pretty princess!

Burger King has been after me this week, it seems like.  That's what I get for not bringing food from home.

We have a small Burger King in my college's cafeteria.  I forgot to bring a meal bar with me, so I decided I'd just get a cheeseburger.  Something you should know is that I'm a sophomore in college.  The man that worked at the BK kiosk last semester was very nice to me since I was one of few people who smiled and said "Please" and "Thank you."  He tried to be sweet towards the end and give me an extra patty...but I hardly ever ate it since I didn't want the calories.  I was disappointed when I went there on Wednesday to discover he's moved on.  In his place, we have a not-so-sweet young man.

Me: Can I have a cheeseburger, please?
Burger King Dude: Okay

He starts to make it, and I see him put onions on it.  I didn't ask for onions.  Before I can say anything, he puts it in the microwave.  When he gives it to me, I check it to make sure that I hadn't been seeing things.  Onions.

Me: Um...I didn't want onions.
BKD: You didn't say "Hold the onions"
Me: I've never needed to say it before (which is true.  I've never heard of this rule before)...
BKD: Well, you needed to specify.  Give that back to me.
Me: *hands it back, trying to be pleasant even though he's giving me attitude, smiles* Okay, I'll have it without onions. Thank you.
BKD: *starts making it*  You don't want tomatoes on it?
Me: No, thank you.
BKD: Extra pickles, Princess?
Me: *Did he honestly just say that?* No, just a plain cheeseburger please.

Then he starts mumbling about "communication skills" to his coworker.  Because I wasn't aware of your new rules, I lack communication skills?  I'll let my boss know.  Thanks for telling me. 
So he gives me the new burger.

BKD: *sarcastic* Welcome to college.
Me: Thank you, I appreciate it.  *mumbles when she's out of earshot* And I'm a sophomore, you bastard.  *stalks away*

So I get to a table and open the burger.  There's mayo in there.  I didn't ask for mayo.  I only like mayo on homecooked burgers.  But I just live with it.  I could hardly taste it anyway.  Still, I kind of feel like he put it on purpose.
Then, today, my mom offers to drive me home during her lunch break.  I ask her if I can just stop at a BK on the way home.

So I go inside, and the line is rather long.  It was about 12:25 when I got in, and my mom needed to be back to work at 1.  I figure we have enough time.  Well, the people are crawling, and by that I mean they're incredibly slow.  Finally, it's my turn.

Me: Hi, I'd like a double cheeseburger big kids meal with a sprite, that's it.
Burger King Girl: Okay...*punches buttons*
Me: *looks at display and sees she gave me a value meal with med fries and med drink. Bzzt* Sorry, I wanted a big kids meal, not a value meal.
BKG: Okay...*punches buttons*
Me: *sees that now I have both meals on the display* No, just the big kids meal.
BKG: OKAY *types in a hamburger kids meal*
Me: No, that's still not right.  A cheeseburger big kids meal with a sprite.

She gives me a Sigh Of Doom, like I'm the source of the trouble.  So, I wait for about five minutes and finally get my food an rush back to the car.  When I get home, I see that she gave me a double hamburger.  I facepalm, seeing as how it was basically a waste of time and caused me to make my mom late (which I felt bad about).  Not a tragedy, since I just put on my own cheese and nuked it in the microwave and it was alright.

Still, though, the attitudes on both of them surprised me.  I honestly don't think I was asking for much.

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