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burger king sucks sometimes

Let me start this out by saying I am a very laid back person when it comes to getting food. I don't mind waiting, I'm very polite, and I never yell or lose my temper.

My mom and I went out shopping this morning to spend some time together and we stopped by Burger King for lunch. We were at the drive-thru and I was pulled up really close to the speaker box. Meaning, I don't know why this lady couldn't understand me. I enunciate very clearly because I know I have a tendency to drawl with a Southern accent sometimes, so.

Cashier: What can I get for you?
Me: I'd like one whopper with out the meat and add extra pickles, no cheese, and another whopper with no cheese.
Cashier: So two whoppers no meat, no pickles-
Me: Um, no... One with no meat, one with meat.
Cashier: So one whopper with pickles, extra meat?
Me: Um. No. One whopper with out the meat and add extra pickles, no cheese, and another whopper with no cheese.
Cashier: Two with no meat?
Me: No. One with no meat.
Cashier: No pickles?
Me: Extra pickles...
Cashier: Two whoppers with extra pickles?
Me: ...Yes. Without meat.
Cashier: Two whoppers with out meat, extra pickles, anything else?
Me: :'[ No. You know what, no. That's fine.

When I drove around, I re-explained what I kept repeating and some how she got it? And she was reading on the bag what she'd put in, which was two whoppers with out meat, heavy pickles. I told her not to bother fixing it because I was really hungry and wanted my food and my mom will eat a meatless whopper. I mean, I really begged her not to fix it, just to take my card, let me pay, give me my bag, and let me go about my business.

She insisted on fixing it, but gave me the meatless whopper while we waiting for them to make the one with meat. I opened it up and there was one pickle on the bun :|

When she came back to the window, I was like, "Look, I'm not trying to be rude, but could I get like... a side of pickles? There's um. One on the bun and I kinda wanted extra?"

And I heard the manager looking guy say something to the effect of "Just give them the side and get them out of here"

I still had to wait for her to re-ring the whopper with meat. Charged full price and wasted fifteen minutes with my moter idling :[

ETA: A whopper with out meat is $1.89 after tax, the price of tomatoes, lettuce, onions, ketchup, and mayonaise on a big bun :] I don't eat meat and I enjoy them this way. I also like getting a "veggie burger" like this at Wendy's, where it sets you back about .89 cents. It's convinient for me and I think it's yummy.
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