Richard Harman (warewolf) wrote in bad_service,
Richard Harman

Way to go WMATA.

Bad #1:

My SmarTrip card was broken from me sitting on it in my wallet & I need a replacement, so after speaking with a metro station attendant I was instructed to visit the Metro Sales office at Metro Center.

I come to find out that Metro Center doesn't transfer balances anymore.

Bad #2:

Metro center sales attendant tells me that I need to do the transfer balance online, or on the phone. I register both new cards online, and the website says it'll take 24-48 hours.

That doesn't help when I need a working SmarTrip card tonight to get my car out of the Metro parking facility, because at most stations, they don't take anything but SmarTrip cards. Thankfully the one I'm parked at takes credit cards. I pray the attendant is present in the booth.

Bad #3:

I call the smartrip customer service line to transfer the service balance.

They refuse to do the transfer over the phone without a "written request" via e-mail or fax. O_o Somebody explain to me how an email is more secure than a phone call?

Edit: s/service/balance/

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