TRCunning (trcunning) wrote in bad_service,

A open letter

Dear stupid little chippy at the JC Penny jewelry counter,

This morning when I approached you and asked, "Do you have any chokers? Not torques but actual (miming on my neck) collar style chokers, I mean.*" I was expecting one of two answers:
(a) Certainly, let me show you where they are...
(b) I'm sorry ma'am, I'm afraid we don't have anything like that in stock.
You decided to go for answer:
(c) Eww... like a dog collar? What is that, a sex thing?

Maybe you could tell from my expression and by the fact that your co-worker jumped in with (b) AND an offer to check the catalog for me that (c) = wrong.

I'm sure you realized that (c) = wrong when your coworker used (c) to get the manager to offer me a discount on my purchase.

Well the jokes on you because while your coworker couldn't find me a choker, she did find a lovely necklace charm (yellow gold child w/ CZ head and birthstone belly) that I decided would be a great birthday present for my mother's birthday... And since she has 10 kids I bought 10 of them... And of course charms are useless without a chain, so I had to get that too.  (You guys work on commission don't you?)

P.S. If I were looking for a "sex collar": it wouldn't be your place to judge, I wouldn't buy it at JC Penny, I would order something custom and I would be spending so much money I would make you drool.


*ETA: Just FYI - the reason I asked the way I did is because, for whatever reason, chokers aren't very popular in my area and people always try show me torques instead.
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