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I just went through the website and issued this complaint.

This is a complaint against #19616 and
1106 N Chalkville Rd
Trussville, AL 35173

The last three times my husband or I have gone through drive through and used our debit card we have not received receipts with our order that tells us both the price of our order or what was charged to our debit cards.

Twice at the N Chalkville Rd location I was given the inside order copy that did not have my total on it or what was charged to my card. 

Last night my husband ordered a #1 but was charged $7.29 to his debit card. He noticed this after he left drive through but was given nothing but the merchant copy from where they ran the debit, he had no other receipt listing what he actually ordered so that he could go back and verify that he was over charged.

I do not know if this is a new policy or a failure of staff but we will not be returning  to any location unless we have cash. I am not comfortable with the issue that we have no way of knowing what was charged to our debit cards or contesting a mistake if one is made such as last night.
I understand when people make mistakes and forget things like receipts but when it happens three times in a row and at two different locations then it becomes more then a mistake. I didn't worry about the first two times because I checked online as soon as I realized I didn't get a verification as to what was charged to my debit.

The issue with my husband was a bit more annoying as he worked over night and is locked into the store so he couldn't go back when he looked at the receipt and realized he was charged the wrong, plus the fact he wasn't given anything to actually tell him what he ordered so he could back the next day and fix the problem.

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