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Dear Vegetable Lady,

Why do you always throw my purchases onto the counter? Is it to soften them? Is it to ripen those bananas? Do you just particularly hate tomatoes?

Truth be told, I don’t really like my purchases being slung around, even if they are only fruit and vegetables. I tried smiling at you; engaging you in conversation; helping pack the bag. But each time, you scowl at me and fling. My plan of action now is to grab my purchases mid-hurl. Haha! Thwarted!

I began to think you hated me for being a foreigner, which was pretty upsetting, but I’m happy to report that this afternoon, you demonstrated your egalitarian qualities by practising your flinging on a feisty Catalan lady who promptly screamed at you and asked what the hell you were doing. Well, now I know that speaking out against your tyranny is pretty unwise.

Granted, summoning your elderly mother from the back of the store to throw her out was a little extreme. And she probably isn’t the child of a lady of the night, but that’s okay. I understand. Your scowl and fling wasn’t so bad this time, for now I know that I have company.


La Inglesa

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