christine (cme2694) wrote in bad_service,

Goose Island Chicago

I'm part of a group and we meet at the Goose Island on Clybourn about once a month. There are usually 10-15 of us and we're there for about 2 hours.

Now, we know that with a large group, we have to book in advance. And we do. We do so not only because of that, but because we have a certain room that we like and that works the best with us - we sit and knit in addition to eating and drinking.

Tonight, when I showed up for our 7pm reservation, we were shown to a small upstairs room that had tall, round bar tables that were about a foot in diameter. The room also had two pool tables that took up most of the room. There were not even enough stools for all of us to sit on, not to mention that we would have to sit at different tables which defeats the purpose of our group meeting at a large location.

After a few of us were seated, we were ignored for 10 minute. When the host came to seat more people, we had to ask for menus and water. When a few waters were brought, the waiter asked how many more we would need. When we replied that there would be 15 total, he looked around and mentioned how that wouldn't work.

He talked to someone else and they ended up seating us in a closed section that had both booths and a long table. They sat us at the booths. Again, we prefer to sit together to talk, but at this point I'm starving and just want to be able to order. Someone asked if we could sit at the long table, and our waitress said that was fine and moved us.

After that, the service was just fine.

Now, I totally get that this place probably has lots of reservations for their rooms. But when I booked this reservation, I was specifically told that I would get the room that we wanted. The people who were in there were doing some sort of fantasy football thing. Ok, I get that you probably make more money off them, but give me a freakin' call and let me know that you're changing our reservation! If we had known that we'd be shoved in an out-of-the-way and too small room, we probably would have picked a different restaurant.

The person that I made the reservation with wasn't there tonight (I think he works days), but I will be calling him tomorrow to voice my displeasure.

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