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Short Fellow employee bad_service

I'm an employee for a national chain of booksellers. Our employee discount is good at any store provided you give your employee info.

I brought my items up to the register to be rung up. The girl quickly starts to scan them before I have a chance to mention that I'm an employee.

Me: I'm an employee of *insert store name and location here*. I think I need a manager to ring me up.
Girl #1: Oh...okay...
Girl #2: *walks over to my register from another one and voids transaction followed by an eye roll and sigh.* It'd be nice to know that ahead of time.

Girl #2 then walks away with no eye contact with me whatsoever. (She could tell I was a little pissed off at her less than friendly comment)

I left the store and promptly called and spoke with the GM. I let her know I'm not one to cause waves and if she's a new employee then I'd chalk it up to her "newness", but I didn't appreciate the snottiness that emanated from her being and if she is so quick to be rude to me, I"m sure she'd have no problem being rude to the every day customer that comes in. The GM then apologized and said she wasn't new, but appreciated the fact that I called and let her know about her attitude.
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