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So, my office got a call from blueyellowbook.com again today. Wanting us to pay our bill. See my problem with this is that when I talked with the guy first, he said that we would get one month free and then we could cancel it when we got our first bill for the next month. A bill we never recieved for one. Also a promo they claim they never had.

I asked to hear the phone call. The woman in claims would only let me listen to the verification portion of the call. When I asked to hear the rest of the call, the begining where he told me about the promo she told me she couldn't do that. And I got pissed. Andgry and loud pissed. When I took the call the guy who offered the advertising told me the call would be recorded. I wanted to hear the whole call. Which apparently they don't do. Which I don't believe because the last time something like this happened I was able to listen to the whole conversation. And be proved right.

When she put me on hold again, I hung up. First thing tomorrow I'm calling the Attorney General to see what I can do to listen to the whole conversation. There is no way I am letting them stick us with a $700 bill we shouldn't have in the first place.

I probably shouldn't have yelled. Or hung up. But I am tired of this crap with online advertising. Whether it's people signing us up when we don't it, or lying to us to get money, it's sickening and agrivating. I'll see what tomorrow brings, I guess. 

Thankfully my policy from now on is to say we do not want it and hang up right away from now on.


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