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Newb post, letter rant, university housing. Whee.

Dear University Village:

Thank you so much for informing me in advance of important events for which I need to prepare. NOT.

Strike 1: Transferring out of the freshman complex, into another on-campus apartment, in the summer. I'd recieved a note that I wasn't going to transfer until early August. Mid-June, I get a note saying "Hey you haven't moved any of your stuff to your new apartment yet; do you need some help?" My reply was short and sweet: "No, but I'd sure have liked to be told that I was moving now."

Strike 2: Waking up at 8:30, walking into the kitchen in nothing but an oversized t-shirt and panties, and finding out the hard way that the Pest Control men have invaded my home and are bitching that I didn't clean out my cabinets in anticipation of them coming to spray for roaches. Further argument reveals that the entire building was unprepared for them, even though supposedly there had been a memo last week. There hadn't been. UV lied to them.

Strike 3: Going to pay my rent today, and finding that I have a warning because I don't have a new parking tag on my car. WHAT. Again, I'm not alone in this; I went to the front office to acquire said parking tag, only to find a line spilling out the door. Said the lady I handed my rent check to, "You'd think nobody had told them they were supposed to get their parking tags today." My reply? "Maybe that's because nobody told us we were supposed to get our parking tags today???"

That's three strikes; you're out,


TL;DR University Village management are complaining about us residents not knowing WTF is going on BECAUSE THEY AREN'T TELLING US THIS STUFF IN ADVANCE.

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