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Cracker Barrel Service

Before I begin, I realize that this place was more crowded than usual due to people on the interstate and Gustav but this is ridiculous .  My family went to the Cracker Barrel last night.  We understood waiting a few minutes on the porch.  Frankly it was so nice and cool we really enjoyed it.  We made the most of it by talking and carrying on with one another.  Not a bad deal.  The bad deal was when we got to our table.

The hostess was ever so nice in seating us at a table in the non-smoking area as requested.  "Someone will take your drink order shortly" to which I replied "thank you".  The waitress was prompt in getting us menus and taking our drink order as promised.  She did it.  However, in every restaurant I have ever gone to or worked in, we brought your beverages before your meal.  You take the drink order, bring the drinks and then you get the meal order.  That is just how it works.  However, when she came back she did not come back with 3 coffees and 3 waters.  She had her pad to take our order though.  I said "well maybe they are making fresh coffee and she wants to bring it all together with the water".  So at this point it is still not a suck situation.  I am understanding.  15 minutes after our order was taken we get part of our food.  Not like we ordered very much.  We got breakfast food.  Standard grits, eggs, sausage and biscuits with butter and jelly.  This is not a hard order.  However we got it in bits and  pieces and had to ask for our drinks about 10 minutes into the meal.  It was ask for them or choke literally.  I am all for gratuity.  I once waited tables and I think you deserve every penny you get from it.  I try never to stiff the service because they are underpaid anyways.  However I did not leave the regular tip that I always do.  I usually leave about $7 for that size order.  Last night it was $3 and that was digging deep to leave.  There were plenty of servers.  People were being served in time at other tables, but every person that had this waitress had mishaps. I saw her wait 3 tables in the restaurant.  Not an impossible task.  The table in front of us called the manager over!  She was not new so that can't be it.  I guess I am complaining that we got the order in bits and pieces and by the time we got some butter for the biscuits and grits they were cold.  Stuff like that.  Any suggestions or am I just picky?  Feed back please.

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