that still small voice inside (maetel999) wrote in bad_service,
that still small voice inside

worst chinese ever

so we (my girlfriend whose journal this is and i) decided to try out the new chinese restaurant. i say new because this would be the seventh chinese restaurant in this small podunk town. well, we go in there, and first we decide we're going to look at the menu to figure out roughly what we'd be paying. the "hostess' for lack of a better word asks us how many are with us. we're not quite ready, so we tell her to wait a minute. she then starts yelling at us in broken engrish, yes broken engrish, "HOW MANY? HOW MANY?" so finally we go to sit, and the dining room is completely filled with smoke. so much so that i couldn't see my girlfriend sitting in front of me. meanwhile, i have no silverware at my seat. after 5 minutes of sitting there, someone finally takes our drink order, 2 cokes, and she then brings me my silverware and 2 EXTREMELY watered-down cokes. we go to the buffet where we are being bombarded by employees who obviously don't understand the concept of staying out of the customers way. the food was simply dreadful. you should never use 10 pounds of brown sugar in a marinade, back me up on this people. now, i'm no expert, but it's always been my understanding that pork-fried rice should taste like pork. not so with this rice. we then have to wait for no less than 20 minutes for a refill on the cokes. 3 minutes after ordering the refills, we receive 2 more watered-down cokes. and the bill, $20.44. i go to pay it and have to wait for 5 minutes to pay it, and hostess woman decides to yell at me, again, in broken engrish. "YOU PAY CASH CREDIT 20 DOLLAR, 44 CENT." she didnt thank me, didnt ask how everything was. then after yelling at me, literally rips the money out of my hand and threw the change in it. needless to say, i'll never again go to the Hong Kong Buffet.
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