brian (retributionaura) wrote in bad_service,

I just got a Wings (local delivery place that does a lot of stuff with chicken) driver fired.
He called me saying that he'd be at my door in five minutes. After a couple minutes I head down, in case he's early as Wings drivers often are. Not this time.

Twenty-five minutes go by by my watch. I head upstairs pissed off. A few minutes later I get a call, him saying he's at my door.
"Why are you so late?"
"I said ten minutes."
"Even if you had, which you didn't, you'd still be twenty minutes late."
"Sorry, I'm downstairs."
I head downstairs, and give him a three cent tip because I don't want to bother asking for three cents of change.
"Oh, THANKS man." Ultra sarcastic. Not good, dude. You've already screwed up once with me.
"Hey, if you weren't twenty-five minutes late it would've been more."
"Go fuck yourself!"
Oh, shit. He did just say that.

I called Wings up, told the girl who answered the phone I wanted to file a complaint about my driver, and she passed me to the manager. I told him the conversation, and he replies without hesitation, "I'll have a few words with him, but not many, because he doesn't work here anymore. I'm very sorry about that."
I thank him for his understanding and wish him a good night.

Thanks, Wings, for having good customer service even when your drivers don't.
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