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Minor bad service.

My dad took me shopping today at a small, trendy, ridiculously expensive clothing store at our local mall today. The clothes were cool, and the the workers were generally helpful. In fact, we got helped almost right away. I found an outfit I really liked, and one of the girls working asked me if I'd like to have a dressing room opened up. I said yes, and did she have one part of the outfit in a smaller size. She said she'd go get it and open up a dressing room (this store was the kind that locks theirs). 

So, I head back to the dressing rooms and wait. And wait. I figure she's in the back or looking, so I wander around the racks closest to the dressing rooms and find another shirt to try on. And wait. And wait.

Finally, I get fed up, and wander around the store for about ten minutes (no exaggeration,my dad kept reminding me of the time as he was getting a little impatient.) I finally find her in the front, chatting with a coworker, my clothes nowhere in sight. All I can do is stare blankly at her for about fifteen seconds before she notices me and asks, "Oh, you wanted to try those on?"

Uhm, duh?

 In hindsight I probably should have said something and not just stood there expecting her to know what I wanted, but I was sort of surprised.

After that she was really helpful and all, but it was kind of irritating having to go find her. I could've just gone and found the clothes again on the rack and a different person to open the room up, but it was one of those sticky situations where I'd snagged the last of my size for some of the clothes, and like I mentioned before, she'd had to go and GET me a size for one shirt I'd wanted.

But, at the end of the day, I got some new clothes I love, and she really WAS helpful after that. She even got me some clothes hidden wayyy in back that she thought I would like. :D
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